Top 12 Best Wave Grease to Buy in 2019 - Buyer's Guide

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Wave grease is quite an essential product to ensure that the hair remains intact.

Besides this, a best wave grease provides nourishment, makes the hair soft, and conditions it.

There are a lot of wave grease brands available for purchase in the market, each of them comes with varying consistency, i.e., some may be light, and some may be thick.

In this article, we will see the details about the best wave greases, so that you can easily find the best one for you.

It will ensure that you invest in the right product and get stronger, better, and amazing wavy hair.

Also, you do not have to research the products and spend a lot of time finding the right product.

Top 12 Best Wave Grease (Recommended by hairstylists)

1) Hair Craft Co. Men’s Pomade

Its suitable for those who never need to restyle your hair multiple times throughout the day. It’s probably the best pomade on our list. After applying, you need to stop worrying, having to add multiple layers of wave grease on your hair.

Once craft your hair as you want and boom, you’re done. The hair craft is super easy to wash out, just one wash and all out in a single roll.

You can use it with various hair styles such as undercut, duck-tail, Pompadour, or even side parts. The volume of your hair will get enhanced, and the hair strands will start appearing thick.

Key Features

It is a versatile product that works excellent for voluminous but thin-looking hair.

This wave grease contains hops which are natural agents for thickening the hair.

It holds firm, and easy for the styling, it feels smooth and easy to wash with water.

It’s a Semi-Matte finish and perfect for all types of hairs whether they are short, long, curly, wavy, thick or thin hair.


  • It lasts all day.
  • It has a versatile scent, which is subtle suave.
  • Its water-soluble, thus easy to wash out and restyle.


  • It dries up, and you might have to use more amount of it to get the desired look.

2) Layrite Original Pomade

It is a fantastic hair pomade for men, which doesn’t make it difficult for you to wash it out like the traditional hair grease. Its water-soluble nature prevents you from using various shampoos or degreasers several times.

A simple shower is enough to obliterate the product so that you won’t experience the greasy feel or any stains on your hair. It creates a stronghold even on the hair because of which professionals trust it. Those with an easier to manage curls can opt-in for this product.

Key Features

Its subtly scented pomade infused with the vanilla scent, which makes it smell fresh all day long and gives your hair a medium shine.

Water-soluble in nature which is the best part, it holds like wax and when rinse washes out like a gel.

When applied, it distributes efficiently and feels smooth to touch, not like other waxy or sticky grease.

It dries light and clean on hair helps hold in place all day.


  • Versatile water-based pomade that washes out easily with water.
  • Feels smooth on touch not waxy or sticky.
  • Holds hair in almost every style.
  • Medium shine looks very natural on hairs.


  • Hair needs to be wet before applying.
  • More amount of the product is used to achieve a good hold.

3) Brickell Men's Wax Pomade for Men

If you are looking for a lightweight pomatum hairdressing that provides a natural shine finish and an excellent flexible hold, then this is just for you. Founded in 2014, the co-founder Matt Bolduc discovered this best natural organic styling wave grease for men, which can be used every day.

Only a small dab will provide a natural shine finish and also conditions and encourages hair growth without irritating the scalp. It also contains Beeswax, which provides stronghold and has vitamin e and shea butter, which gives a natural shine to your hair.

Key Features

This is a natural and organic product that scented with a refreshing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemongrass essential oils.

Suitable for all types of hair like thick or thin. Provide a superior grip. If used on a daily bases on medium length hair, this grease will last at least 45 days.

One of the best things about this brilliantine hair tonic is that it contains zero amount of sulfates, parabens, glycols, phthalates, petrochemicals, silicones, PEG’s, synthetic fragrances of gluten.

The main ingredient used in wave grease is Beeswax which provide flexibility, vitamin E which condition the hair, Castor and Neem seed oil which encourage hair growth.


  • Beeswax in this men’s hair grease provides a flexible hold.
  • It also contains Vitamin E which conditions the hair.
  • Contains Castor Oil promotes growth.
  • 100% natural and 81%organic.
  • Perfect for everyday use and safe for color-treated hair.
  • Rinses out clean without leaving a heavy, waxy residue.


  • Some users may not like the liquid consistency of the product.

4) Wave Builder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter

It is one of the best wave greases with natural ingredients. This product is perfect for those who need one, which is creamy and non-greasy on the waves. It is an excellent product for softening tough hair.

You can rely on it when other similar products have failed to show the desired outcome on your coarse hair. Unlike certain wave grease which have to be specifically used before or after hair brushing, this can be used in either way and still provide you amazing results.

Key Features

It has Shea and natural cocoa to ensure healthy hair waves naturally.

The pomade efficiently puts an end to the struggle of keeping the hair shiny and moisturized.


  • The moisture-locking potential of this natural wave revitalizer provides a moist look of the hair for over 24 hours.
  •  It doesn’t leave any greasy residue like some other wave grease, after washing it off.


  • You must better spray the hair with water before the application, to experience better moisture-locking for a longer duration.

5) Suavecito Pomade Strong Hold

When you have curls that are difficult to manage, this is the best product for you. People with various hairstyles can use it. This includes slick backs, pompadours, side parts, etc. Its water-soluble nature makes it easy for you to wash the hair just with water.

Thus, it is fine if you are not using any soap or shampoo. You won’t find any stains on the hair after washing it. The product has a thick consistency like the quality wave grease that dries out to create a proper hold.

Key Features

This pomade has an appearance like that of fine tree resin.

The product has a sweet and relaxing fragrance.


  • Combing the hair will be a frustration-free experience for you.
  • The firm grip of the product ensures maximum flexibility for styling without causing any mess.


  • Some people may find the fragrance very strong.

6) Hanz de Fuko Men’s Hair Styling

This is a high-quality paraben-free natural ingredient-based product.
It works on straight hair, wavy and also thick hair. It contains jojoba seed oils, which helps open clogged pores in your head. It also includes a blend of castor seeds oil, which help you nourish the scalp.

A sweet smell of the mellow flower added with lemon peel, and other natural extracts condition the hair. It has a super high hold and has a matte finish for reworkable, texture looks. 

Key Features

Rich in vitamin C, B, and vitamin E, Copper, and zinc, which helps strengthen and protects against hair loss problems and makes hair healthy.

It also removes excessive oil build-up on your scalp and helps remove dead skin cells, which immerges due to exfoliating properties.


  • The clay provides medium-high hold and a slight shine.
  • Once it’s in, there is no real flex or sway to your hair.
  • It indeed looks great and holds all day. And if you do get sweaty, this doesn’t drip in your eyes like gel/hairspray/mousse.


  • A lot of wave grease is needed to achieve any kind of lasting hold.
  • It has a slightly creamier texture, hence use a medium scoop and then a small scoop instead of one big scoop.

7) Lamel Styling for Hair

People with no shine and matte finish can opt-in for this product. It provides a shine-free look without leaving any residue or sheen on your hair, giving you a clean, bold matte appearance. It’s also provide all-day stability and offers any hair type unmatched shaping, slickness, and can give any form with excellent hold.

Just apply on damp hair as a pre-styler or after as a finishing product to get the desired look you want. In just minutes, you’ll have a refined and resilient hair style without a heavy or sticky feeling.

Key Features

Lamel’s hair pomade is a UNISEX product, and it can be used on all types of hair. You don’t need to buy separate hair grease products for men and women.

Lamel’s Salon quality pomade is lightweight, micro-fiber, which provides the control you need to create any style – with a comb or using just your fingers.

This Fine Grooming Clay gives no flakes and no clumping. Only the peace of mind that comes from a sturdy hold.


  • It’s just super easy to apply.
  • Super hold, which provides excellent grip and stability.
  • Gives your hair Matte finish.
  • Shine free look is what you get as an end result.
  • It’s not greasy.


  • It doesn’t have a fragrance.
  • For medium to long, it’s a soft hold which allows manipulation throughout the day but also works product out and leaves a very non-cohesive look.

8) Jovinno Natural Premium Hair Styling

People who are reluctant to use artificial products on their hair will find this great as it is constituted using natural ingredients like marshmallow roots and calendula. It has rosemary extract in it that enables the growth of hair.

It has a decent hold on your curls. An ingredient named marshmallow seeds in this product resolves this issue owing to the slipperiness of this wave grease. It also imparts a thicker appearance to the hair, besides keeping it moisturized. The omega-3 fatty acid in this brilliantine hair tonic provides nourishment to the hair as well as resolves all other related issues.

Key Features

People with a dry scalp will find the product quite beneficial.

To enhance blood flow to your scalp as well as hair follicles, you can massage it on your head.

An ingredient named calendula, in this styling cream, plays a vital role in hydrating the scalp besides blood flow enhancement.


  • The product is known to prevent premature greying of hair.
  • It is known to prevent dandruff.
  • The product is a non-greasy formula.


  • You have to use the product on wet hair or spray it with water and comb it before application as it has a dry texture.

9) SoftSheen-Carson Sportin' Waves

Beginners who want perfect waves quickly will find this pomade quite useful. It is one of the most effective wave grease for waves, which ensures maximum hold.

This wave grease will retain the moisture content of your hair because of the natural moisturizing ingredients in it. It is therefore recommended to spray some water before its application.

Key Features

The formula is perfect for short and brushable hair.

It is a cost-effective product. You can use one container of it for months.


  • After you apply it once, the shiny hair will last for a few days.
  • It doesn’t come with any fragrance, so it is great for those who do not like using the scented pomades.


  • Removing the product from the hair is not as easy as you have to wash it multiple times to make sure that it is completely eliminated.
  • It is not a suitable product for hair that is medium or long length.

10) Imperial Barber Grade Classic

If you are looking for a water-based pomade, then this is for you. It is America’s strongest wave grease, according to imperial. It provides an even and smooth application on hair, this classic pomatum hairdressing also adjusts the hold strength depending on the amount of water you use when applying. As this is water-based for lighter hold, apply with water for the most reliable grip.

It’s also water re-activatable, so restyling with just a bit of water is ease. This is traditionally American style classic wave grease, which provides extra hold and volume. This classic wave grease also available in a travel-friendly 2 oz small size.

Key Features

The product is not stiff and can be considered to be similar to mold. 

The product will drip down after some time if you are combing the hair sideways.

This is a gel pomade, and the most reliable hold can be achieved when your hair is blow-dried.


  • Has a stronghold.
  • This product has a low shine.
  • It is water-based.
  • Rinses out clean and super easy with water.
  • It’s also water re-activatable.


  • It leaves absolutely no conditioning in the hair, leaving your hair frizzy the next day.

11) Baxter of California Cream Pomade

If you want a refine and smooth hair with a touch of a classic look, than this is certainly for you. It is a moisture-rich styling cream with a natural finish. Infused with natural ingredients such as Mineral oil, Beeswax, and also contain some amount of Lanolin. This product creates a frizz-free, messy bed head or tousled looks.

After a blow-dry, start applying Clay Pomade and style gently to get the desired look. Take a pea-sized amount of Cream hair grease, mix in your hand, and start applying using your fingers. 

As the name also suggests, Baxter is the brand of California, a company with a collection of superior hair, skin, and shave essentials which are designed to unleash what makes you, you. 

Key Features

It gives a light hold with a natural finish and can be paired with Clay Effect Style Spray, Soft Water, Hard Water, and Hard Cream.

Best paired with Clay Pomade for a volumized, textured look – recommended for thick hair.


  • Light hold, natural finish pomade.
  • Softens and Smooths Hair.
  • Great for creating messy bed head or tousled looks.


  • The scent is also a mild lemon scent.
  • The formula is very thick and needs to be warmed up in your hands before it’s workable.
  • It will likely leave clumps in your hair.

12) As I Am Double Butter

This is one of the awesome wave greases available in the market. It makes your hair naturally soft. Owing to its thick consistency, using a little amount on the hair will provide better results. It is efficient because of its capability to penetrate the hair roots for revitalizing them. Thus, the hair gets a tender, new, and fresh appearance. After conditioning your hair, you can air-dry it with this product.

Key Features

The moisture trapped by this gel imparts a beautiful look to your hair as it remains hydrated. This continues even for some days after applying it.

The sweet vanilla fragrance of the product is something that you are going to love as it won’t make you uncomfortable like certain other wave greases having a strong aroma.


  • It resolves the issue of moisturizing the hair.
  • You will have beautiful shiny hair with this product.
  • You do not have to use oil any more, after using this wave grease.


  • It is not suitable for those who are just beginning as a waver and do not have their wave pattern already set, but for those with an established waver, it is fantastic.

Buyer’s guide for choosing the best hair grease:

When there are a lot of brands available, all claiming to be the best hair grease, it becomes a tough task to choose one among them. To help you in this scenario, we have explained a few important points below, which will eliminate all your confusion, so that you can choose a perfect product for the best results.

1. Quality of the product should be your primary focus:

This is highly essential as low-quality products will not provide you the desired hold. Besides this, they will also cause your hair to get damaged, owing to the cheap grease made from poor constituents. Go through the ingredients of the product, and if you are in favour of natural ones, chose accordingly. One with good reviews from users will be a wiser and reliable option for you.

2. Know the application methods:

This implies you need to know of the product has to be used on wet or dry hairs. As we have already seen in the products enlisted above, some work only when the hair is sprayed with water prior to application as they are designed to retain the existing moisture of the hair. Similarly, others can be applied as it is, for the same effect. Knowing the right technique of using it will provide you the results you want.

3.Price of the product:

While considering the quality, the price must also be kept in mind. The product must be the one that is optimally priced as well as suits your requirements perfectly.

4. Thoroughly checking the label:

You need a few minutes to go through the product label. This will provide you a lot of useful information, such as the right way of using it as well as the different constituents of the product. It will make you fully aware of the product before buying it. Thus, you won’t repent in the long run by discovering something unwanted after using it for some time.

5. Long-lasting:

The wave grease must be efficient enough to provide long-lasting results. It is because buying something whose results fade quickly, will cause you to re-apply more amount of the product due to which you will have to rebuy it. Some products work perfectly with the application of a minimal amount. You must choose such pomades to enjoy a value for money deal.


So, depending on the nature of your hair, you need to choose the product that suits you. See that not every pomade product is suitable for everyone, but reading these reviews, you might get the idea behind the ingredient, form factor, the organic content of the product. So good luck guys with the new look achieved with this wave grease for men, and try reading our other post related to styling for men.

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